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Our Experiences

We help European brands enter the Chinese market. 

We are a team of young, passionate and results-oriented experts, specializing in Chinese market trends, digital marketing tools and Chinese e-commerce and social media platforms. 

We have supported more than 50 European brands to achieve their business goals in the Chinese market. 

Scroll down to check out what we did for them. 

ORTIS 2020-RVB.png

Ortis is a Belgian brand, producing health care products. 

After knowing Ortis’ history and analysing the market of health care products in China, we created Social Media accounts and opened a Flagship Store on Tmall for Ortis. 

This approach has led to a massive increase of GMV in the Chinese market and visibility of the brand on Chinese social media platforms. 

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Horace is a French male skincare brand, specialising in using natural ingredients to cope with skin problems and adapting their products to the needs of consumers. 

Based on the analysis of Horace’s sales channels and visibility in Europe, we did a market research for Horace to determine the viability of the brand in the Chinese market. 

This report helped the brand preparing and organising their resources to enter the Chinese market.

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Korloff Paris is a French Fine Jewelry brand, specializing in a special technique of cutting the diamond into 88 facets. 

Based on the analysis of Korloff’s customers in Europe, we re-created website pages and built the CRM system for Korloff. 

Our works increased the visibility of Korloff among Generation Z consumers. 

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