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HOSTED on Zoom, on Wednesday 22, 2021

DURATION: 24 minutes

First most used platform in China, WeChat appears as the platform to be on if you want to do business in China. However, how does it work and what kind of account for your brand ?

Created in 2011 and developed by Tencent, WeChat gather more than 1 billion of monthly active users in the world. Its users are mainly in China, WeChat hold 73% share of the internet user market. In fact, people are using WeChat in their everyday life, for texting, sharing informations or to make payments. WeChat is not only in China, there are 100 million monthly active users abroad and WeChat Pay is used in more than 25 countries. These users are Chinese oversea, but also individuals who are doing business with China, in 2017 14 million corporate accounts were registered.

What kind of account for your business ?

It exists three kind of account :

  • WeChat Service account (Official account): Allow you to create send news to your followers, create a mini program and a mini games. You can track more easily your performance.

  • WeChat Subscription (Account need to be registered in China): Works as a newsletter, allow you to make a publication with various sub-articles.

  • WeChat mini-programs and mini games : sub-application on WeChat, accessible by every users, create your on "market place" to promote your products.

Brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Hermes have developed their own strategies. They have developed mini programs/games and created interactions with their users.

Discover more through our replay.


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