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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Get back to 2021 second quarter - April to June 2021


Quarter 2 is one of the most promising quarter of the year, with events such as the Weekend Ecentime, the French Days, Amazon Prime, Mid-years sales and Pre-summer sales. Chinese customers have been looking forward to find unique offers on ECENTIME and brands have increased their sales.

254 subscriptions were registered, permitting to 300 brands to stimulate their expansion towards the Chinese market by selling more than 680 000$ through our app. Since Covid-19 restrictions are being eased, customers are keen to enjoy typical western products.

Lately, ECENTIME has been developing his services with ECENTIME+ and its consulting services. European citizen will soon enjoy exclusive offers on many asian and Chinese products/services. Also, brands looking to expand their business to China, can benefit from ECENTIME consulting program.


Since French Days have been delayed, ECENTIME decided to organize a special event from the 28th of April to the 2nd of May 2021 : The Weekend ECENTIME. Launched for the first time, the Weekend ECENTIME has registered more than 42 privileged subscriptions in Europe, especially in France. Many brands got the opportunity to get closer to Chinese community by promoting different kind of products. In term of sales volume, the campaign reached $155K+, a good start for it’s first time. As usual, beauty remain the main sector that attracts Chinese consumers, its sales volume reached $60K+. Fashion and Amazon categories came right after with $39K+ and $22K+ sales volume. Finally, Health, Luxury and Lifestyle categories are the latest reaching between $10K+ to $13K+. Related to the current situation, this campaign has performed well and helped brands to anticipate the French Days that were delayed.

French Days

This year, French Days were initially planned from the 28th of April to the 4th of May ; however they were delayed, due to sanitary condition, to 27th of May to 2nd of June. This little change did not affect the average sales volume. Even if this event is usually related to High-tech and electronics, it also gave the opportunity to other kind of brands to shine out of the crowd. In fact, while analysing the top 3 categories, we realize that Chinese consumers keep on buying beauty and fashion products during that time and electronics came into the 3rd position. If we compare to last year performance, beauty’s S.A. remains around $134K, fashion’s one $45K and Amazon’s $37K. Concerning others categories, luxury’s S.A. increased by +$16K and health by +$5K. Despite lifestyle, top sectors remain the same and highlight Chinese customers oriented taste for trendy and appearance-related products.

Mid-years sales

It might not be well-known in Europe, but Mid-year sales is a special Chinese event offering unique discounts to Chinese consumers. On the occasion ECENTIME and its partners teams up to provide top products at the best price. This year, more than 57 privileged subscriptions were registered. Compared to 2020, most of categories’ sales volume have increased. The beauty cat. from $100K to $108K, fashion products from $15K to $53K, Amazon products from $18K to $42K, and luxury ones from $6K to $36K. Health S.A. remains constant at $12K, only lifestyle products decreased.

Pre-Summer sales

At the end of June, ECENTIME started its Pre-summer sales. This event has gathered the highest number of privileged subscriptions, with more than 78 partners registered. This first step towards the summer sales, was successful for the beauty category with $95K S.A., fashion cat. reached $56K, and Amazon cat. $38K. Lifestyle, luxury and health remain behind with a sales volume between $20K to $36K.

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