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Arrogance in Chinese Live Streaming: The Li Jiaqi Affair

Arrogance can sometimes precede downfall, even for the most influential personalities. A striking example of this truth recently emerged in China, highlighting the pitfalls of hubris in the world of live streaming. In this article, we'll explore the Li Jiaqi case in detail and the crucial lessons it offers.

Li Jiaqi: an impressive rise

Li Jiaqi, nicknamed the "Lipstick King", has become a live-streaming superstar in China thanks to his shows dedicated to beauty products. His popularity has exploded, enabling him to generate huge sales and become one of the most followed personalities on Chinese social networks.

The incident that turned things around

During one of his recent live shows, Li Jiaqi was promoting an eyebrow pencil by the Chinese brand Huaxizi at a price of 79 yuan (around 10 euros). Then a viewer left a critical comment, stating that the products were getting more and more expensive. Li Jiaqi's response was swift and unfiltered. In front of the camera, he berated the viewer, asking if he'd worked hard, if his salary had gone up, and in short, blaming him for his own perception of rising prices.

A crumbling reputation

However, this impetuous response had devastating consequences. At a time when many Chinese are facing increasing economic pressure, Li Jiaqi's comments were perceived as insensitive and out of touch with reality. In the space of just two days, he lost nearly a million followers on Weibo, China's Twitter.

Photo: Li Jiaqi during live streaming

Lessons to be learned

This incident highlights several important lessons:

  • The Importance of Humility: Even the most successful influencers need to remain humble and connected with their audience. Arrogance can quickly lead to a loss of trust and reputation.

  • The Power of Social Networks: A single comment or negative reaction can have a massive impact on a person's or brand's reputation. The virality of social media amplifies mistakes.

  • The growth of live streaming in China: Live streaming now accounts for a significant share of retail sales in China. This creates a competitive environment where credibility and authenticity are crucial.

ECEN Digital's outlook

ECEN Digital understands the importance of managing your online reputation in China. Our agency offers a comprehensive service to improve your visibility and help you succeed in this fast-growing market. Our team of experts knows how to avoid the pitfalls of arrogance and guide you towards a solid relationship with your Chinese audience.

In conclusion, the Li Jiaqi case is a powerful reminder of the importance of humility in live streaming in China. At ECEN Digital, we're ready to help you avoid these pitfalls and build a solid reputation, because we understand that humility can be the key to your success in this dynamic market.

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